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Company: History

MINO Automation (formerly known as EDM ELETTRONICA INDUSTRIALE) was established in 1980, originally under the name of ‘SCE’, at that time it was known as a company of design and manufacture of equipment for industrial automation in the field of ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing plant. Initially working in the domestic market the company soon realized its skills were in demand and started to contract with overseas and international clients.

In the mid 90’s The company became EDM Srl. At that time it had already started to work with the major engineering brands such as Siemens and ABB for its control equipment, in particular DC and AC converters/inverter, PLC and microprocessor systems.

In 2000, it received the Siemens certification of “System Integrator“, due to its success and achievements in the design and manufacture of automation equipment. Specifically due to its designs and solutions using Siemens power devices (Inverter, PLC and µP).

By 2005 projects in over 30 countries, from Europe to China and Far East, from India to South America has proven MINO Automation as a major provider and respected integrator for rolling mills.

In 2010, MINO Automation established a process control company in the UK. This strategic step was to complement its other automation business and provide a fully integrated control solutions (Drives, PLC , AFC and AGC) for rolling mills.


1980 SCE Elettronica S.p.A. was established in Vicenza

1980 formed a strategic relationship with MINO S.p.A.

1995 SCE Elettronica S.p.A. changed its business structure and made a name for itself as EDM S.r.l. ELETTRONICA INDUSTRIALE

2000 EDM S.r.l. ELETTRONICA INDUSTRIALE obtained the Siemens certification of “System Integrator”

2008 EDM S.r.l. ELETTRONICA INDUSTRIALE opened its offices in Beijing - China

2009 EDM S.r.l. ELETTRONICA INDUSTRIALE established TDH-EDM Ltd, based in the UK. Specializing in rolling mill Process Control

2011 EDM S.r.l. ELETTRONICA INDUSTRIALE was purchased by MINO S.p.A.

2014 EDM S.r.l. ELETTRONICA INDUSTRIALE changed its company name into MINO Automation S.r.l.

2018 MINO Automation become the Automation Division of MINO S.p.A.

2018 The Group is now a dynamic and complete entity with over 200 employees with offices in Italy, United Kingdom, China and USA.