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AVANTI™ Technological Control System: Automatic flatness and thickness control for hot, cold and foil mills

The AVANTI™ TCS provides clients with the latest technological systems for Process Control, based on a real-time industrial platform, the Avanti system provides a state of the art control system. The software is designed by us and is based upon our many man years of experience in the rolling mill environment. The Avanti system is a complete system with in-built engineering tools, an open diagnostic and tuning interface and universal interfaces to all well know sensors and actuators.
MINO Automation together with MINO Process Control has developed the technological architecture AVANTI™ TCS, which provides automatic flatness control and thickness control for ferrous and non-ferrous rolling mills. The system is designed to be integrated or act as stand-alone package for new, revamped and upgraded rolling mills. It is available for single stand and multi stand rolling mill applications.
The Avanti system is proven on Steel, Aluminium and copper applications. The system provides easy retrofit of existing systems and direct replacement of obsolete control systems.
Using commercially available hardware and operating systems the Avanti system is designed as an ‘open system’ with easy engineer access and simple operator controls. HMI screens are designed to operate in the local language of the user and provide multi-tiered diagnostics which offer user friendly information to the operator, engineer and production staff.

Typical Technological functions available:

Automatic Gauge Control (AGC)

Mass Flow and Feed Forward Control

Roll Eccentricity Compensation

Gauge error Feedback, Tension and Speed Control

Automatic Flatness Control (AFC)

Roll stack tilt control (steer)

Roll bend control

Thermal Control through the work roll Spray Bars

Compatible with all Flatness measurement rolls (Air bearing, ABB, BFI)

Compatible with all makes if roll coolant spray bar

Hot spray solution

VC roll and advanced actuator interface

Constant force ironing roll control

Technological Functions specific for Hot Rolling Mills

Automatic Gauge Control (AGC)

Automatic Profile Control (APC)

Self-adjusting mathematical models (Self-Learning)

Technological functions specific for cluster mills

Automatic flatness control

Automatic gauge control

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