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Motors Control Systems and drive systems

MINO can provide advice and experience in design and supply of major drive and power train systems in Low Voltage, our solutions provide a precise control of motors and a substantial reduction of power consumption. Accurate design concepts, many man years of experience will reduce running costs and optimize your capital investment.

Our engineering and manufacturing know-how allows us to build customized electrical panels with high quality and efficient designs. Our proposal department will work closely with your engineers to offer optimized technical solutions. We use commercially available products which offer reliable, low maintenance and long life solutions for the most difficult environments.

AC Motors Control Panels

AC Inverter Systems up to 9MVA with a single regenerative DC-Bus

Simple or high performing regenerative DC-Bus with AFE technology

Integrated control through Profibus or ProfiNET

DC Motors Control Panels

DC Drives systems up to 1000V

Dynamic braking circuits of the motors even with ‘network off’ for high speed applications

Integrated control through Profibus or ProfiNET

MCC Motors Control Panels

Motors control Inverter with Variable Speed

Soft-start switch

Fixed-speed Motors control and protection

Mino Automation products